• Root Canal Advancements


    Technological Advancements in Root Canal Dentistry

    The words “root canal,” may be the most dreaded two words in the English language. Fortunately, there are many advances in dentistry that make root canals more comfortable. Tooth pain may be a symptom indicating there’s something wrong.

    Tooth pain may be a symptom indicating there’s something wrong with the nerve inside a tooth.The root canal procedure can clean out the damaged nerves and disinfect the tooth. Essentially the root canal will relieve pain and save the tooth.

    Due to many great advancement in dentistry, root canals can now be performed easier, faster and with minimal discomfort. People who come in with pain, leave the office feeling much better after having a root canal

     Apex Locator

    The Apex locator tells clinicians when we the entire length of the tooth has been cleaned, without having to take additional x-rays.

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