Dentistry Services


General & Preventive Dentistry Services

General dentistry and preventive dentistry is a smart way to ensure you and your loved ones will maintain healthy smiles for a lifetime.

By discovering any problems early, we can usually correct any issues conservatively, effectively and for less than if they are let go for too long.

  • Dental Check-ups & HygieneRoutine checkups provide an opportunity for us to check for tooth and gum diseases, decay, and damage that may not yet cause you pain. Learn more about dental check-ups and hygiene.
  • Gum Disease Treatment – Get your gums checked andeliminate any signs of gum diseases that you may have such as gingivitis and infection. Our sedation dentistry ensures you’ll feel comfortable during your visit. Learn more about gum disease treatment.
  • TMJ Migraine Treatment – Are you suffering from headaches, popping in your jaw joints, or grinding your teeth while you sleep? You may need “TMJ Treatment” to align your jaw and eliminate teeth grinding and headaches. Learn more about TMJ Migraine Treatment.
  • Dental MouthguardsProtect your smile before “getting in the game.” Your smile is one of your most valuable assets. Get protection from injury with a comfortable athletic mouthguard that will fit your teeth perfectly. Learn more about dental mouthguards.
  • Tooth Extractions – Have a tooth that is badly damaged or decayed and needs to be removed? Dr. Shirley provides tooth extraction if repairing your damaged or decayed tooth is not practical and the tooth needs to be removed.